Conference Info for 2019 Members


Registration is now open. Click here to register.

Even if you cannot attend the Annual Conference, please renew your membership by paying the $100 membership fee.  This will keep you in the loop of communication and you will receive the notebook and materials from the meeting.

REMINDER: The Metro by-laws state that if you don’t renew your membership yearly, then you have to pay a $500 “reinstatement” fee if and when you decide to join again.  So, just paying that $100/year is a much better deal!

Payment Options:

  • When you fill out the online registration, you will be given the option to pay by credit card or to “pay later” if you want to go ahead and register, but cannot pay now.  For most people this would be useful if you don’t want to pay until next year’s budget.  Even if you need to pay later—we ask that you go ahead and register so we can better plan for the conference attendance.  We will send you a reminder at the first of January that your balance is due with a link to pay electronically.

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