What Is Metro?

What Is Metro?


  • A professional group of preschool and children’s ministers serving large Southern Baptist Churches.
  • Metro currently has 67 active members representing 31 churches across the U.S.


  • Provide a network of Preschool & Children’s Ministers who serve in similar church environments across the nation.
  • To share creative and innovative ministry ideas and techniques.
  • Provide support and mentoring for seasoned and new ministers.
  • Annual conference that provides a time for members to network, collaborate, fellowship, education and encouragement.
  • Opportunities to communicate with the Metro group through Facebook, email and phone throughout the year.


  • Full-time Minister/Director of Preschool and/or Children and/or full-time Associate (excluding assistants and interns) of either position.
  • Must pay annual membership fee of $100. Benefits of membership include conference notebooks, professional organization, ministry networking, and mentoring opportunities.


Each church must qualify on each of the following four requirements:

  • A Southern Baptist Church membership of 4,000 or more.
  • Average of at least 1,500 in attendance in the main church Sunday school or 700 preschoolers and children in Sunday school attendance.
  • Annual budget which exceeds $3,000,000.
  • Minimum of eight full-time staff ministers/directors.


  • After verifying the individual and church meet the qualifications, each new and returning member must complete online registration and pay the annual membership fee of $100. Registration is normally available in the late Fall (November/December) for the upcoming year.
  • Once a registered member, the individual has the opportunity to attend the annual conference for that year.

*NOTE: Failure to pay the annual membership fee will result in cancellation of the individual membership. Former members will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $500 in order to renew their membership.

Questions or Interested in Membership:


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